What Are the Best Detox Acupressure Points? "Doc Talks" with Dr. Nuzum


Doc Talks Best Detox Acupressure Points

What Are the Best Detox Acupressure Points? “Doc Talks” with Dr. Nuzum

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Jonathan Hunsaker: Ever wonder if you can use acupressure to help with detoxification? Stay tuned to find out.

Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx. Thanks again for tuning in. Today we’re talking about acupressure and detoxification, and I love this subject. Doc Nuzum has a wealth of information, so let’s go to Doc. And make sure you pay attention when he talks about the “Three-Mile Point.” You’re going to love it. Let’s go to Doc now.

Dr. Daniel Nuzum: So, we’re talking different acupuncture points that can be used for detoxification.

In Oriental medicine, there’s 2,700 acupuncture points on the human body. The points we’ll talk about today help with drainage, both with lymphatic drainage, with sinus drainage, with drainage of the bowels.

Now these points aren’t meant to be used by women that are pregnant. If they’re breastfeeding, they’re fine. Pregnant, no.

The first point is called Large Intestine 4, and that meridian is a meridian associated with the colon. It starts at the index finger and ends next to the nose. And there’s 20 points in that meridian, but it’s the 4th point that you can find right here, in your thumb like so. Here’s your first knuckle, second knuckle, third knuckle of the thumb.

The second knuckle, you’re going to go right on top of the second knuckle, and over here in this muscle mass over here, you’re going to push toward your hand, you’ll find a little sore spot right there. And that is Large Intestine 4. Now Large Intestine 4 helps with digestive issues, helps with sinus issues, headaches, helps with sore throats and with drainage, any ear, nose, and throat type issues. It’s also helpful with pain.

If we go up the wrist, this is the radius, the thumb side of the forearm, find a little groove where your wrist is, go up a little bit and you’ll find where it kind of indents on the forearm, right there you’ll find Lung Point 7. In acupuncture, we use it for asthma, we use it for bronchitis, we use it for not being able to take a deep breath, we use it for sinus issues, we use it for ear, nose, and throat issues, we also use it for sore throat.

And those two points, this one and this one, when they’re used together, when you stimulate those around the same time, it also helps to drain the bowels.

We have three other points here.

One is on the outside of the shin bone, on your lower leg. It’s called ST 36, and ST 36 is called the “Three-Mile Point” in Chinese. And the idea is that it can energize you. If you stimulate that point, it can energize you to walk three more miles.

Both in China and in Japan, it was used by the military. All the military guys would stimulate that point before going into battle or stimulate that point if they had to go march for long distances and whatnot. So, it was an energy point.

One of the things that it does is it helps to draw things downward. So, if you have reflux, or you’re nauseous, or you’re not going to the bathroom really well, or you can’t take a deep breath, what it does is it helps to draw things down.

Our next point is on the inside of the ankle. Normally, what they say is you take and put your pinky finger on your ankle, put your hand next to your leg, and under this knuckle right here is where you’ll find SP 6, is Spleen 6. Spleen 6 helps with all issues of the pelvis and all issues of digestion.

In Oriental medicine, we also use that as a diagnostic point to see whether the person has leaky gut or not. What you’ll find if you check that on almost anybody, it’s always tender. In Oriental medicine, if the point is tender, it’s because it needs treated.

So, our last point in the acupressure detox is on top of the foot. You have your big toe and you have your long toe. You go up on the foot where the tarsal bones are, there’s an indentation between the bone that goes out to your big toe and the bone that goes out to your long toe. Right in there, right at the top of that indentation, there’s a—you’ll find a sore spot. That’s called Liver 3, or LIV 3.

I had a patient that had facial reconstructive surgery after a car accident. Before going into surgery, she could blink both eyes, both eyelids were working fine. Somehow in the surgery, they damaged one of the nerves to her one eye and she couldn’t blink her eye anymore; her eyelids were paralyzed on one side. She came to me about a week, maybe two weeks after her surgery, and she was having headaches.

And I applied pressure on that spot on her foot, and while I was applying pressure on that spot on her foot, she was able to blink her eye. And shortly after that, she was able to blink her eye all the time. It was really interesting. We didn’t even treat the eye, it was just a reflex mechanism.

And Liver 3 is traditionally a good point for the eyes, helping the eyes, helping the sinuses, helping anything facial, also helping the liver, helping the liver to detoxify.

Those are our five acupressure points that we use for detoxing.

We also have some ear points. They’re called auricular points. If you look up auricular points, you want to look at Shen Men. Clinically, we use Shen Men for addictions, we use Shen Men for anxiety, for depression, for virtually anything emotional. You can use your fingernail to press on those points and just kind of wiggle around a little bit.

For detoxing, we use the point called autonomic, and it’s out here towards the front of the ear. We use the lung point, the liver point, and the kidney point.

Those are all the different detox points that we use in acupressure and acupuncture, so I hope that’s helpful.

Jonathan Hunsaker: Wow, thanks, Doc. I just love learning from Doc Nuzum. I especially loved when he talked about the “Three-Mile Point.” And he has such a wealth of information to share on so many different subjects.

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