Will the Cruciferous Veggies in MVM Interfere With Your Thyroid? - "Ask the Doc"


Does Multi-Vita-Maxx affect your thyroid?

Will the Cruciferous Veggies in MVM Interfere With Your Thyroid? – “Ask the Doc”

Video Transcript

Jonathan Hunsaker: Welcome to today’s episode of “Ask the Doc.” Today, we’re talking about cruciferous vegetables and how they affect thyroid health. 

Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx. And today’s question for Doc comes from Kasren, who wants to know if the cruciferous vegetables in our Multi-Vita-Maxx are formulated so that they won’t interfere with the thyroid. 

Dr. Daniel Nuzum: So, our question is “Do the cruciferous vegetable concentrates in Multi-Vita-Maxx negatively affect the thyroid in some way?” 

Well, a lot of your cruciferous vegetables are considered goitrogens. They’re called goitrogens because they speed up how fast the liver utilizes iodine. And so, if you’re iodine deficient, and you’re eating lots of cruciferous vegetables, that could negatively affect your thyroid because they speed up how fast your body metabolizes iodine. So you end up losing iodine, so to speak. Your body uses it so fast that you run out of iodine pretty quick. 

When we put Multi-Vita-Maxx together, you’ll notice that there’s a significant amount of iodine in Multi-Vita-Maxx. The small amount of the cruciferous vegetable extracts that we have in Multi-Vita-Maxx combined with all the other ingredients that we have in Multi-Vita-Maxx, once that goes through our fermentation process, it negates any goitrogenic activity that the cruciferous vegetables may have had. 

We also include thyroid-supporting nutrients like vitamin D and iodine in Multi-Vita-Maxx. 

And Multi-Vita-Maxx, clinically, for me, is something that I’ve always used with patients with glandular issues anyways as nutritional support. 

Jonathan Hunsaker:  Thanks Doc. Great information as always. Listen, do you have a question that you want to ask Doc? Simply [submit your question here] and we’ll be sure to ask Doc on a future episode.

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