Is it Effective to Take E-Plexx if You Are Postmenopausal? - "Ask the Doc"


Is it Effective to Take E-Plexx if You Are Postmenopausal? – “Ask the Doc”

Video Transcript

Jonathan Hunsaker: Welcome, everyone. In today’s episode of “Ask the Doc,” we’re talking about E-Plexx, which is our hormone balancer for women, and its effects if you’re post-menopausal.

Welcome, everyone. Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx, and I’m joined by my good friend, master formulator, Dr. Daniel Nuzum. Thanks for joining me. 

Dr. Nuzum: Thank you, sir. Glad to be here. 

Jonathan Hunsaker: Absolutely. In today’s episode, we have a question from you at home that says, “Is it effective to take E-Plexx,” which is Organixx’s hormone balancer for women, “if you’re postmenopausal?” So, is it okay to take E-Plexx if you’re post-menopausal? 

Dr. Nuzum: Most definitely. In menopause, a woman’s estrogen/progesterone levels start to drop, and this is what brings the pause on. What happens at that point is that the adrenal glands and the thyroid have to kind of pick up the slack and enable that system to adapt to this new stage in life. And if the thyroid and adrenals aren’t up to the task, everything just slows down, okay? And that’s where a lot of the symptoms come in. Women suffer from a lot of these things.

E-Plexx, this hormone balancer that we have, this herbal hormone balancer, is designed as an adaptogen. An adaptogen enables the body to adapt. In this process, that’s what helps women with that transition from going into menopause, so that minimizes the impact. So, it enables them to adapt through that process and metabolize things better. So, it kind of bolsters those adrenal glands, bolsters up those thyroids so they can carry the load as the other things start to slow down. 

Jonathan Hunsaker: Great answer. I appreciate you sharing that. Let me ask you, is there more a woman can do if she’s postmenopausal in addition to taking E-Plexx, or even another hormone balancer? 

Dr. Nuzum: Absolutely. Of course, I mean this works very, very well with bioidentical hormones. That was originally what I designed it for is women that were taking bioidentical hormones. They were taking all these hormones, but because they were in this flux, their metabolism couldn’t handle those hormones. So, they were on all these expensive bioidentical hormones, and they weren’t metabolizing them very well. So, we created this adaptogen complex to give them that helped their body metabolize those hormones properly. And so, it works very, very well together, very well together. 

Did you know dong quai or “female ginseng” is often used in traditional Chinese medicine in response to symptoms of PMS and menopause? It has the ability to support a healthy inflammation response, improve blood flow, and promote a healthy hormonal balance. Dong quai is just one ingredient in Organixx’s E-Plexx supplement.


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  1. My friend has been told that she needs either a hysterectomy, or an IUD. Of course, she doesn’t want either. I told her I would try to find something natural for her, bc I have been watching Jonathan Otto’s documentaries. I thought may you, or one of the featured docs could suggest something. And, now I’m wondering if your Organixx E-Plexx would help her. She is 48, has been anemic bc of heavy periods. She was also told she MAY have fibroids..

    Thank you in advance, for your response.

    • We appreciate the trust you have given Organixx, Joanie. Given your friend’s reproductive health conditions, it’s best to work directly with a trusted health care professional to help determine whether E-Plexx would be appropriate for her personal needs, and if so, what serving recommendation would be best suited for her. We wish the both of you the best with your health journey!

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