Can You take Probiotics and Enzymes together? - "Ask the Doc"


Can I take Probiotics and Enzymes Together? "Ask the Doc"

Can I Take Probiotics and Enzymes Together? – “Ask the Doc”

Video Transcript

Jonathan Hunsaker: On today’s episode of “Ask the Doc,” we’re talking about taking probiotics and enzymes. 

Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx, with another episode of “Ask the Doc.” And today’s question is, “Is it okay to take probiotics and enzymes together?” Let’s ask the doc.

Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Okay, so the question is, “Can you take probiotics and enzymes together?”

Well, the answer to that is pretty simple. Not only can you, but yes, you should. They work better together than they do separately.

There are a few things in the Organixx supplement line that work extremely well together. The enzymes, the OrganiZymes, and the probiotics work very well together. They even work better when taken with the 7M+.

The 7M+, the OrganiZymes, and the probiotics all are very, very synergistic, and each one amplifies the effect of the other. They’re very, very good together.

So, can you take probiotics and enzymes at the same time? Yes. Should you? Yes. They work better that way.

So, I hope that clears up that question.

Jonathan Hunsaker: Well, there you have it.

Have a question you want to ask Dr. Nuzum? Leave us a comment below. Who knows, it could be featured on our next episode! 

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  1. If I am worried I need to cleans my blood with Proteolytic enzymes will the Organixx brand do that as well. I know that they get taken on an empty stomach. Can you explain.

    • Hi Debbie. OrganiZymes has both a Protease Blend and a Broad Spectrum Enzyme Blend, which work together to improve digestion and reduce the enzyme load on your pancreas. Proteases are proteolytic enzymes that break down proteins in the body. If the enzymes are taken with food, they will break down the proteins in the food. In this case, they would be considered digestive enzymes. If proteolytic enzymes are taken on an empty stomach, they will bypass the stomach and enter the bloodstream where they will begin to break down excess fibrin in your bloodstream and in other connective tissues like your muscles. In this case, they are now acting as systemic proteolytic enzymes. You may click here to learn more about OrganiZymes:

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