When Is the Best Time to Take Supplements? "Doc Talks" with Dr. Daniel Nuzum


When is the best time to take supplements? Doc Talks With Dr. Nuzum

When Is the Best Time to Take Supplements? “Doc Talks” with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

Video Transcript

Jonathan Hunsaker: Curious about when the best time is to take your supplements? Stay tuned for the answer.

Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx. Thanks again for watching. Do you ever wonder when the best time of day is to take your supplements? Should you take them all at once? With a meal? On an empty stomach? Let’s go to Doc to get the answer.

Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Let’s say you’re taking supplements for digestive support. If you’re trying to support digestion, you want to start earlier in the day. We want to get digestion working really well in the morning so that things are completely digested by the time you go to bed at night.

If you’re taking supplements that are to support energy or your hormone balance, and things like that, you don’t want to take them right before you go to bed at night. They can keep you awake, right?

Let’s say you were trying to reduce inflammation or trying to help the body metabolize things properly so it doesn’t have such a powerful inflammatory response. Again, that’s something you want to start earlier in the day and work through the day.

Most of these supplements are best taken right before you eat. Before a meal is when they’re best. Because of their prebiotic component, they help prepare the digestive tract for the food you’re going to eat.

“Is it okay for me to just take all my supplements at once?”

Well, the answer to that is it shouldn’t harm you, but your body absorbs things in small amounts more frequently. If you want to get more of something into your system, you want to expose your body to small amounts of it throughout the day. So, it’s best to split things up instead of taking everything all at one time.

“If I’m taking two Turmeric 3D a day, do I take two in the morning, or two at night, or do I take one twice a day?”

I would do divided doses. Morning and evening would be how I would take the supplements. Even if I were taking everything in the Organixx line, I would divide it up into two doses or three doses throughout the day.

Okay, so in the Organixx line, I would take Turmeric 3D, 7M+, and E-Plexx would be supplements I would take earlier in the day. Most of the other supplements you could take evening, morning, mid-day.

Jonathan Hunsaker: Once again, thanks, Doc. I love the way that you share, and I love how much you share.

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