Do Supplements Have Side Effects? "Doc Talks" with Dr. Daniel Nuzum


Do supplements have side effects? Doc Talks with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

Do Supplements Have Side Effects? “Doc Talks” with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

Video Transcript

Jonathan Hunsaker: Can supplements have side effects? Keep watching to find out. 

Jonathan Hunsaker here with Organixx. Have you ever taken a supplement and felt really good, and then over time the effects are less and less? Did you ever wonder if there are actually side effects to taking supplements? Let’s ask Doc Nuzum right now for the answer. 

Dr. Daniel Nuzum: “Do supplements have side effects?” Well, let me explain it to you this way. You take a person that is nutritionally-deficient; anyone eating the standard American diet is nutritionally-deficient, it’s just a given. They start taking a nutritional supplement, they start supplying the missing nuts and bolts in their system.  

Typically, what we’ll see, is that initially they feel really good. Then they get to a point where their body’s strong enough to deal with the toxic waste that’s accumulated in their system. And at that point, all of a sudden, their body starts having detox responses and their body starts to cleanse itself and purge itself of waste that’s accumulated. 

And a lot of times, that’s misinterpreted as being a toxic response or something like “the supplement is making me sick,” or something like that. And most often, what it is, is the body is now strong enough; enough of the machinery is operating, that the toxic waste that’s accumulated in the body is being dealt with. 

Some detox side effects that you might experience would be more visits to the bathroom, and that can be either more bowel movements, or more urination, or sometimes both. And what that is, is your body’s eliminating. It’s trying to eliminate; trying to get things out of your system. 

So, Doc, how often should I have a bowel movement? 

And my answer to that is “How often do you eat?” Between 30 and 70 percent of the food you consume will turn into bulk that you should be eliminating. If you’re eating a plate of food like this three times a day, and you only have one bowel movement a day, where’s the rest of the waste going?  

If somebody’s only having one bowel movement a day, so their pathway of elimination is plugged up, that means their liver and kidneys are going to have more to deal with because they have no place to empty their waste.  

So, when the metabolism starts operating again, and your body starts dealing with waste and eliminating waste on a tissue, or cellular, or organic level, organ level, all of that has to drain into the lymphatic system, and it goes off to your liver and kidneys. Well, if your liver and kidneys can’t eliminate well, then we can have almost like flu-like symptoms when we have toxins that are just circulating in our body. 

When starting supplementation, taking supplements, as the metabolism improves, and all the nuts and bolts are getting into the machinery, and the machinery starts operating properly, we start to throw off waste. The body has to deal with the waste somehow. And sometimes that’s not really comfortable. 

Jonathan Hunsaker:  Thanks, Doc. Super-informative as always. 

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