Chronic vs. Systemic Inflammation: Doc Talks with Dr. Daniel Nuzum


Chronic vs. Systemic Inflammation: “Doc Talks” with Dr. Daniel Nuzum

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Jonathan Hunsaker: Quick question. Are you in pain? How do you know if that pain is caused by inflammation? Stay tuned to find out.

Thanks for watching. Jonathan Hunsaker, again, here with Organixx, and today we’re going to talk about inflammation. How do you know if you have inflammation? Is inflammation the cause of your pain? Let’s go to Doc Nuzum right now and find out.

Dr. Daniel Nuzum: Chronic versus systemic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation typically is more locational in the body. You’ve got chronic inflammation in the shoulder, or the back, or a knee, or something like that, or (you) have people with viral hepatitis. They have that for years and years and years. They’ll have nephritis, or arthritis, or those types of things that are kind of isolated to a specific anatomical area. That’s chronic inflammation.

Now systemic inflammation is different. Systemic inflammation is where there is inflammation everywhere. You have swelling, you’ll have what we call lymphatic stasis in systemic inflammation. People with that type of stasis, they just start to swell. Everything swells. Their abdomen swells, their face swells, their arms and legs swell.

What you’ll see, it’s actually very common, chronic inflammation is common, but systemic inflammation is becoming more and more common in the–especially in the United States, due to our diet. Our diet is so pro-inflammatory that so many folks have systemic inflammation. They don’t even know it. Obesity is a form of systemic inflammation.

There’s systemic inflammation, where people have just—their metabolisms start to break down. So, folks with Type 2 diabetes, folks with thyroid issues, and things like that, they tend to have systemic inflammation.

And what’s interesting is, when we go back to the cause, why is this inflammation happening in so many people and why is it happening so drastically in so many people, we always end up back at, 1 is diet, and 2 is poor digestion, 3 would be dysbiosis.

So, you have the diet being missing nutrients and being full of toxins.

And then you have the dysbiosis or the imbalance in the gut microbes that then leaves them open to both digestive dysfunction and leaky gut.

Leaky gut is a key point, it’s a key part of all inflammation. What happens with leaky gut is you’ll have the membranes in the gut, where they should be all tight-knit together, kind of like this, they swell up. And in that swelling, they separate the membranes of the gut to become hyper-permeable. And so, you think about it, very small particles could get through this mesh, much larger particles could get through a mesh like this.

When this leaky gut is happening, every time the person consumes something, undigested particles make it into the bloodstream. As that happens, that triggers the immune system, and eventually, the immune system becomes so worn out from being triggered over and over and over again, it stops differentiating from good guy and bad guy. And so, it starts just allowing more and more things into the system. And as that happens, our body’s response to toxicity and irritation is inflammation.

For example, you’ll see a mosquito bite you. The saliva from the mosquito causes inflammation in the skin and you get a little bubble on your skin. What is that? That’s inflammation. And with the fluid that’s in that inflamed little bubble, the body has a similar reaction, systemically, to toxicity.

Or if there are undigested food particles coming through your gut every time you eat, your body’s going to have that response to all that undigested material that’s getting into your bloodstream and it’s going to swell up. Well, when that happens, we call that systemic inflammation.

So, let’s recap here. Chronic inflammation is kind of a one-site or two-sites to have chronic inflammation, whereas systemic inflammation is something your whole body, it’s a global inflammatory response that your body has.

So, I hope that kind of clears this up for you.

Jonathan Hunsaker: Thanks, Doc. As always, he’s such a wealth of information. I love learning from Doc. I hope that you do as well.

Inflammation is such an important subject, and there’s so much to cover that this was just a small fraction of it. So, we created a free report for you all about inflammation. Just click the link over here, download it absolutely free.

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